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(Sacred place of water overlooking the Northern Alps)




長野駅から車で約 1 時間、長野県の大町市を訪れます。


















About 1 hour by car from Nagano Station, we will visit Omachi City in Nagano Prefecture.

Here, over a long period of 20 years, clear water springs out from eight water sources from the Northern Alps, which is a series of mountains with an altitude of 3,000m.

Because the water is warmed by three lakes called ``Nishina Sanko,'' rice cultivation has flourished since ancient times, despite the cold climate, and records indicate that it has been a manor of the Ise Grand Shrine since the late Heian period (around the 10th century). There is also

Let's feel the vestiges of those days at Nishina Shinmeigu Shrine, which has been designated as a national treasure.

In Omachi, there is such an anecdote related to water.

“In the eastern part of the region, we used water from a source called Iyari in Higashiyama, and in the western part, we used spring water from Shirosawa in the Northern Alps. As a result, only girls were born in the eastern village, and only boys in the western village. Before long, people came to call the water of Iyani Village "Onnamizu" and the water of Shirasawa "Otokomizu".

The troubled people decided to merge both waters into one and run the river through the middle of the city. ”

Let's actually drink Oshimizu and Meshimizu while walking around the city where old houses remain.

In this tour, we will tell you about the history of the region, which has been blessed with the blessings of mountains and water since ancient times, and show you the appeal of sake made from the high-quality water of this region.

- Prayer experience at Nishina Shinmeigu Shrine, a national treasure with a history of over 1,000 years

-Traditional Japanese paper making experience

-Water source tour (except winter)

-Smelt fishing experience at Lake Kizaki

-Tour of 3 sake breweries in the city

-Visit Kurobe Dam, the tallest dam in Japan

-Traditional food and sake pairing dinner at an old private house restaurant

Please contact us if you would like to shorten, lengthen or customize your itinerary.

Please contact us at least one month before your trip.

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