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(A seaside town with the scent of Sake)




















A seaside town with the scent of Sake

About 80 minutes from Tokyo Station on the limited express "Wakashio".

When you get off at Onjuku Station, the scent of the tide tickles your nose, and looking up at the swaying palm trees makes you feel like you're in a tropical country.

Onjuku has attracted many tourists with its warm climate, beautiful scenery that celebrates the sea, and outstandingly fresh seafood.

Yukari offers a trip where you can fully enjoy the food raised by the sea of ​​Onjuku, centering on Iwase Sake Brewery, which brews "Iwanoi" brewed with the highest level of hard water in Japan.

(Example itinerary)

After arriving at Onjuku Station, head for the memorial tower built as a token of friendship between Japan, Mexico and Spain.

This memorial tower was built because the people of Onjuku rescued the crew of the San Francisco, a Spanish ship that sank off the coast of Onjuku during a port call to Mexico. From the hill where the memorial tower stands, you can see the town of Onjuku facing the beautiful coastline.

After enjoying the superb view, enjoy nature to your heart's content with activities unique to Onjuku, such as sea bathing, fishing, and snorkeling.

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the world of sake brewing.

Iwase Sake Brewery, which is said to have been founded in 1723, uses mineral-rich underground water, and the sake brewed with that water has long been highly rated both in Japan and overseas.

In addition to working on the production of old sake for about 60 years, the brewery has also collaborated with the Chiba Lotte Marines and Touken Ranbu in recent years, making it a sake brewery that is always ahead of the times.

On the tour, learn more about sake brewing through tours of sake breweries and sake brewing experiences, and talk passionately about the future of sake with the brewery staff.

-A visit to the Tsuki no Sabaku Memorial Hall, which collects materials from literary figures and celebrities related to Onjuku, centering on Masao Kato, who is also the author of the nursery rhyme "Tsuki no Sabaku."

- Sake bottling experience at Iwase Sake Brewery, pairing experience with food

-Sake bottle label making experience

Please contact us if you would like to shorten, lengthen or customize your itinerary. Please contact us at least one month before your trip.

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