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About US

We would like to be an opportunity for you to spin a new story.

In the Kokin Waka Shu, an early anthology of the waka form of Japanese poetry, there is a poem entitled "Murasaki no Himoto yue ni Musashino no Kusa ha Minagara Aware tozo omou" ("The Purple Flower of Musashino is a Cute Thing to me").

Musashino is a completely unfamiliar place, but just by the beautiful purple flower growing there that we hear rumors about, we feel that all the grass in Musashino is dear to us and that we are connected to it.

In other words, everything that we love and that is connected to us is thought of as dear and nostalgic.

Later, this song was popularly known as "Murasaki no Yukari" (Purple Yukari) and became a motif in the Tale of Genji.

Through "Yukari," we offer our customers "Murasaki no Yukari" in the form of Japanese Sake, traditional culture, craft experiences and connections with local people.

We hope that the "Yukari" will help you to expand your connection with Japan and weave a new story.

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