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Tone Numata area, Gunma Prefecture

As autumn approaches, we took guests from Hong Kong to the Tone-Numata area of Gunma Prefecture, an hour by Shinkansen and 30 minutes by car from Tokyo.
In order to help you learn more about GI Tone Numata, we have asked three sake breweries in the Tone Numata area for their cooperation.

Transferring by bus from Jomo Kogen Station, the group first enjoyed the taste of autumn, apple picking. Fuji is often eaten in Hong Kong, but this time they enjoyed other variety.


Harada Farm

1294 Yokotsukacho, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture 378-0002


Afterwards, we visited Nagai Sake Brewery's water source, tasted the water, and were amazed at its softness. At the newly opened premium tasting room "SHINKA" this summer, we enjoyed President Nagai's presentation and cute amuse-bouche, as well as tasting several types of sake.


Nagai Sake Brewery

713 Monzen, Kawaba Village, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture 378-0115


On the second day, we woke up early and headed to Otone Sake Brewery. We were able to see the rice being steamed, and the participants expressed their admiration at the fantastic sight. Some participants said with excitement that this was the first time they had been shown the process of making Sake.

Afterwards, President Abe also held a course on how to enjoy warm Sake.


Otone Sake Brewery

1306-2 Takahira, Shirasawa-cho, Numata-shi, Gunma 378-0121


On the afternoon of the second day, we visited Tsuchida Sake Brewery. We took a tour of the factory while learning about the process and philosophy that led to the production of pure rice Sake in the traditional method. Armed with the knowledge we had gained, we enjoyed a pairing dinner at the Italian restaurant Ventinove, with a Q&A session with the chief brewer Hoshino.


Tsuchida Sake Brewery

2691 Kawaba Yubara, Kawaba Village, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture 378-0102



2593-1 Yachi, Kawaba Village, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture 378-0101 (on the premises of Tsuchida Sake Brewery)


On the final day, we toured Fukiwari Falls, also known as the Niagara of the East, and tried making soba noodles. Everyone was struggling with this task for the first time, but the skills of those who had been making bread on a regular basis seemed to be very effective in making soba noodles.

We are truly happy to be able to convey the charms of various regions of Japan to so many people. Thank you to everyone who helped us!


Fukiwari Falls

378-0303 Oigai, Tone-cho, Numata City


Nango house

158-1 Hikage Nango, Tone-cho, Numata-shi, Gunma 378-0313



The spots we visited this time areHere others

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